Infinitus (China) Donates RMB 1.2M for Yunnan Earthquake

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — At 16:30 of 3 August, the 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolted Ludian county of Zhaotong, Yunnan. By 14:30 of 5 August, the death toll had reached 410 with 2,373 people injured. Over 10, 000 houses collapsed. The situation in the area is very severe, with electricity, telecommunications and traffic badly affected.

The whole nation had great concern for the earthquake, so did each employee of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG). Right on that day, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., member of LKKHPG, immediately contacted its branch company in Yunnan for information of the local distributors and employees, whom have all been reported safe by far. Meanwhile, Infinitus paid real-time attention to the situation of the quake-stricken area and initiated the Company’s natural disaster relief mechanism in no time. On 5 August, Infinitus (China) made an urgent decision to donate RMB 1.2 million through the Si Li Ji Ren Foundation to support the Ludian quake-stricken area.

In 2012, Infinitus (China) donated RMB 20 million as original funds to set up the Si Li Ji Ren Foundation. Approved by National Ministry of Civil Affairs, the foundation focuses on public health, poverty and education for the vulnerable groups in poor areas. After the Ya’an earthquake in April 2013, the foundation immediately initiated the natural disaster relief mechanism and called for donation among its global administrative staff and distributors. In the end, a total of RMB 3.66 million was donated to support the Ya’an earthquake.

With "Infinitus" as the core brand, LKKHPG has four members, namely, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd., Infinitus International Company Ltd., and Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Since its founding, LKKHPG has regarded corporate social responsibility as a must to do for the enterprise. Adhering to such philosophy, it will be paying ongoing attention to the situation of the quake-stricken area and helping the local people through this disaster.