International Mega Bio Expo in S. Korea to Offer Glimpse of Future Life

CHEONGJU, South Korea, July 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The upcoming international bio exposition in South Korea will provide visitors with a glimpse into the life that biotechnology will bring about, its organizers said Wednesday.

The Osong International Bio Industry Exposition, set to kick off in September in the country’s central city of Osong, "will present how life will look like in the future in accordance with the development of the cell-based industry," said Lee Cha-young, secretary general of its organizing committee.

"The Bio Future Hall, one of our six main galleries, will depict diverse scenes of this new life in such areas as food, energy, medicine and converging science," he added.

The displays show that lack of food and famine are a thing of the past as the technology to culture cells produces meat and vegetables at factories.

Unmanned vehicles run along mid-air streets, and they do not need to refuel as a single-cell microorganism in the fuel tank continues to produce gasoline.

Severe injuries are not a source of concern anymore, as 3D printers can help restore body parts with stem cells.

Different kinds of robots are employed for diverse purposes in order to help humans live more conveniently and abundantly. They cook, care for the sick and entertain people.

"Dreams for an eternal life or an oil-producing country will not be in the distant future," Lee said. "Visitors will take a look at the value of the bio industry and its infinite possibilities."

Hosted by the government of North Chungcheong Province, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the local municipal government, the expo will kick off its 17-day run on Sept. 16 in the Osong Biovalley in the city, some 120 kilometers south of Seoul, according to the organizing committee.

Under the theme of "The Secret of Life, Beautiful Future," exhibitions will showcase how the industry has developed over the past decades and what the future society will be like, while allowing people to have diverse hands-on experiences such as carrying out medical treatments and conducting science experiments, it added.

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