Ipoh City Council Announces Plan to Install 36 Smart Lampposts by 2027 to Expand 5G Network

IPOH: The Ipoh City Council (MBI) has announced its intention to install 36 integrated smart lampposts by 2027, aiming to enhance the 5G technology network in the city. This development is a part of the council’s broader ambition to evolve into a smart city by 2030.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, the construction of these lampposts will be completely financed through the Private Financing Initiative. The installation will be carried out by a party holding a Network Facilities Provider Individual (NFPi) licence. During a public dialogue session at Dewan Silver Star Kampung Simee, the Mayor highlighted the significance of the 5G network in modern life and its role in achieving the goals of the Ipoh Smart City 2030 initiative.

Mayor Rumaizi elaborated those entities with the NFPi licence will construct these smart poles, which will then be leased to a telecommunications company for signal provision. In return, the NFPi will pay a monthly rental to MBI for the land used for the construction of the poles. This arrangement is part of a strategic plan to not only provide convenience to the residents but also to attract foreign investment, thereby boosting the city’s economy and creating employment opportunities.

Howard Lee Chuan How, the Member of Parliament for Ipoh Timur, addressed public health concerns associated with the new infrastructure. He emphasized the need for detailed information sessions to educate the community about the infrastructure’s benefits from multiple perspectives. Lee recognized the importance of addressing these concerns, underscoring the government’s commitment to this project as a means to enhance national income and development.