March 24, 2023

Iranians consumed over 850 million liters of gasoline during new year holidays

Iranians consumed 855 million liters of gasoline during the vacations of the new Iranian fiscal year (Noruz holidays) from March 16 to March 25.

Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran during the period surpassed 85.5 million liters, four percent more year on year, the oil ministry’s official SHANA news agency reported March 27.

The highest amount of gasoline consumption was related to March 19 on which 104.6 million liters of gasoline was consumed.

The lowest rate of gasoline consumption in the mentioned period was recorded on March 21 with 77.2 million liters.

Gasoline consumption in Iran during a period from March 2015 to February 2016 stood at 70.6 million liters per day, which indicates 1.4 million liters per day increase year-to-year.

Iran says that would stop gasoline import by August 2016 after the Persian Gulf Star refinery’s first phase becomes operational.

By fully commencing the Persian Gulf Star refinery (all of its three phases), Iran will increase its gasoline production by 36 million liters per day.

The country’s gasoline output is currently around 64 million liters, so it needs to import the rest. The Islamic Republic currently imports only Euro-4 gasoline.

According to SHANA, averagely 38.5 million liters of gas oil also were consumed during the new year vacations per day, a 29 percent decline year on year.

During the same period, about 5.2 million liters of plane gasoline also provided to 697 flights across the country on a daily basis.

The plane gasoline consumption during the vacations registered an increase by 8.5 percent, meanwhile the number of flights increased by 17 percent compared to the same period of preceding year.

Source: Trend