The Johor Islamic Religious Department (JAINJ) will work with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to curb the spread of the deviant teachings founded by Suhaini Muhammad or known as SiHulk.

State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Mohd Fared Mohd Khalid said the decision was reached in a meeting today and further action would be taken soon following several videos showing individuals claiming to be Suhaini’s followers that had gone viral on social media recently.

He said the individuals were believed to be in New Zealand, thus making it difficult for the authorities to take action against them.

"… if they (the videos) are distributed and uploaded abroad, it is outside the jurisdiction of the state government and we cannot take legal action against them.

"If they cannot be arrested in reality, we will do so through the media by working with MCMC, including preventing their involvement on social media and most importantly, the people need to provide information to JAINJ and we will channel it to MCMC for further action," he said at a press conference at the Iskandar Johor Islamic Centre, here today.

Mohd Fared said a fatwa was issued on July 22, 2021, against the teachings which were found to be in conflict with the Islamic teachings, hence all activities related to the group are prohibited.

“The group’s founder and followers are all cowards as they only dared to issue statements when they are not in the country. When the teachings are strange and illogical, it is better to stay away.

“The public should not be involved with any of the individuals or activities conducted by the group, directly or indirectly,” he said, adding that arrests can be made following existing laws if they return to the country.

On the group’s business activities involving SiHulk drinking water, Mohd Fared said the factories in Johor, Selangor and Indonesia had been closed after the authorities revoked their halal certification on June 3, 2021, for not complying with the prescribed standards.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency