JaPen’s Focus on Innovation Enhances Government Policy Dissemination, Says Director-General

PUTRAJAYA – Emphasizing the importance of fostering innovation within the Information Department (JaPen), Director-General Datuk Mohd Sukari Ab Hamid highlighted its role in enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of government policy and initiative dissemination.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, Mohd Sukari explained that innovation not only streamlines the distribution of information but also makes it more engaging, informative, practical, and speedy. This statement was part of his address during the Innovation Day celebration on October 24.

Among the notable innovations of JaPen, as mentioned by Mohd Sukari, are the Reporting and Issues Management System (RIMS), the dbook.penerangan portal, the deployment of the iM@JaPen mobile media centre, and various digital services including online media card management and the media management information hub through the D-Media system.

According to the Director-General, the theme of this year’s Innovation Day, “Digitalisasi Dibudaya, Inovasi Diperkaya”, aligns with JaPen’s ongoing transformation. The department is adapting its information delivery and dissemination methods to the community, keeping pace with the rapid advancements in technology.