Jericho Rosales ‘wanders’ in style

Acting, endorsements, performing and modeling. Jericho Rosales has done all since having joined show business. These days though, Rosales-regarded as one of the best actors of his generation-has found new passions to embellish his celebrity status.

Enjoying married life with Filipina-British wife Kim Jones through traveling in and out of the Philippines, Rosales has learned to enjoy the waves and the winds. Now, he is no simple traveler but one who also surfs and bikes.

“I got into these not too long ago. . . [and] I am just in my se�cond year now,” says the 39-year-old Rosales on his latest hobbies.

He caught the attention of American brand Wrangler, and was tapped to judge the denim label’s “True Wanderer Awards,” a recently concluded competition for Filipino bikers.

Makati-based consultant Dundee Adriatico, 32, took home the title. The winner happens to shares Jericho’s passion for biking.

Rosales in his stylish riding garb graced the awarding. Noticing this, The Manila Times asked Rosales how to properly and stylishly pull off an ensemble whenever a biker sets off to an adventure.

“Riding shoes and Kevlar pants,” he says, revealing his choice of wear as well.

He explains: “Kevlar is for protection; it’s like your second skin. Yung Kevlar technology kasi pag hiniwa, kahit na kutsilyuhin mo siya hindi siya mahihiwa so it’s a good protection against abrasion and such stuff.”

Also on his list are waterproof jacket or raincoat, a multi-padded jacket-with elbow, shoulder back and chest protection-and pants with hip protection.

“You have to be protected from your toe to your head, you even have to be protected up to your fingertips, thus, the gloves,” he enthuses.

Protection, with glamour not to be left behind. Rosales says he also considers how he would look in photos-especially because both his and his wife’s Instagram accounts are always updated with his biking shots.

“I like to ride stylishly; my go-to piece is a denim jacket from Wrangler. Of course, you have to look good for photos,” he winks.

As for his must-haves, Rosales likes to mix practical items with tech gadgets.

“Aside from the gear, you have to have a change of clothing, camera, chargers, power banks, and, of course, you have cash with you. It will be cool if you can bring a drone since it’s in nowadays. I’d bring a pen and a notebook and music and I’d bring a tent and a sleeping bag if I could. Finally, some food, trail mix will do. Yun, kompleto, ka na takbo, ka na,” Rosales shares.

Most memorable, dream rides

The actor and biker with ‘True Wanderer’ finalists and grand winner Dundee Adriatico (standing, second from left) PHOTO BY NAZZI CASTRO

The actor and biker with ‘True Wanderer’ finalists and grand winner Dundee Adriatico (standing, second from left) PHOTO BY NAZZI CASTRO

In his two-year stint as a biker, Rosales prides on having conquered the roads of Palawan, La Union and Batangas.

Of all the rides, though, he says his trip in Palawan is definitely one for the books. He recounts, “We did a ural adventure in Palawan. We rode from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente for four hours and did ano�ther two-hour ride to somewhere, some beautiful beach! My wife was with me, she rode the ural; it’s like the sidecar of the motorbike. Para siyang tricycle.”

Finally, Rosales notes that he still has a lot of destination to tick off on his checklist, “I want to go as far as I could go! Cagayan or Northern loop, I want to go down south. Gusto ko ikutin ang Pilipinas.”

But on top of these, the actor adds that he also dreams of doing his around-the-Philippines ride with the original biker in the family, his dad.

“My father was able to ride his way around the Philippines because he used to sell insu�rance policies to teachers, on a motor bike,” he reveals to The Manila Times.

“Yun yung pangarap ko, makasama ko siya mag-ikot,” Rosales lastly says.

Source: Manila Time