March 23, 2023

Jiangsu Sino Opto Co., Ltd.: A Top LED Light Supplier

SHANGHAI, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — There are more LED lighting options today than ever before. If you are looking for an improved lighting source for your home or business, LED is the way to go. There are so many different types of LED lights today that you are sure to find the right options to meet your needs. The more you learn about the LED lighting options today, the better it will help you to get the right lights for you.

Today let us introduce to you the technology leader of high performance LED lights – Jiangsu Sino Opto Co., Ltd. ( and learn the story behind its high performance products.

How Much Energy Do LED Lights Save?

Well, the answer to that question really depends on how dedicated a person is. In other words, if an entire house is lit with nothing but LED lights, the savings will be much more significant than if only one or two light bulbs are replaced in the home. The following statistics may provide the best answers to the question of how much energy do LED lights save.

The average household spends 35 percent to 40 percent of its total energy costs on lighting alone. If a home is lit exclusively by incandescent bulbs, that amounts to quite a sizable amount of money to power those lights! Consider an electric bill that is $200 per month in order to understand just how significant the savings would be by converting to LED lights. If 40 percent of that bill is electricity required for lights, the amount is $80. Since LED lights only utilize about 20 percent of the power that incandescent bulbs use, that’s $16 per month for LED lights. Add that to the $120 for other electricity needs and the bill is now only approximately $136. A savings of $64 is nothing to laugh at! How much energy do LED lights save in the average household? Roughly a third of the electric bill!

Those tubular lights that are often seen in office buildings, schools, government buildings and even medical centers are normally fluorescent tubular lights. While these lights will save a bit of money in comparison to incandescent lights, the risks involved with them do not make them a safe alternative to incandescent bulbs. In fact, they are worse for the environment than extra energy expenditure because of the toxic metals and gasses they contain. So, even though they use less energy than incandescent bulbs, they are still not a good alternative because they are not as energy efficient as LED lights. How much energy do LED lights save in comparison to fluorescent lamps? The ratio here is about 3:1.

What does sino-opto do?

Jiangsu Sino Opto Co., Ltd. (Sino Opto), which widely attracts high-tech and managing talents from both domestic and abroad, aims to become the leader in the LED industry in China. The company will use its deep resources and strength originated from the background of new energy to develop a vertically integrated LED industrial chain including wafer epitaxy, chip fabrication, package, and application, as well as produce high level LED products for general illumination.

Headquartered in Jiangsu Yixing Economic Development Zone, the company has built a new Global Operation Center and a large scale production plant of 30,000 square meters with an all-automatic facility for LED package and application products.

Owning quite a few new patents and specialized technology on white LED and LED lighting, the R&D team of Sino, in cooperation with the sales team experienced in international markets such as Europe and North America, would provide all products, services and solutions for our customers.

  • July 2010 – Received CE Certificate and passed Rohs testing
  • August 2010 – Passed ISO9001 certification
  • October 2010 – Received UL certificate
  • November 2010 – Established the ESAVER LIGHTING division in USA
  • December 2010 – Signed long-term sales contracts with LED LIGHTING SERVICE
  • December 2010 – Began exporting LED products to U.S.A
  • March 2011 – Established division in ITALY
  • July 2011 – Began cooperating with McDonald’s, which is still ongoing
  • May 2012 – Began cooperating with AT&T, which is still ongoing
  • May 2013 – Began cooperating with GRAINGER to renovate government buildings with LED energy-saving projects
  • March 2013 – Received ETL certificate

“Sino” is more than the commitment we promised to you, it represents our corporate culture.
Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our source.
Impassioned unity: We are one team full of passion.
Never Stop: Our quest for perfection is endless.
Open and Equal: Our working environment is open and equal to everyone.

In Sino, we stick to the company mission of “Establishing Industry Standards and Creating Core Values.” Supported by a professional technical team with executive capabilities, the company will focus on developing high quality materials for high-end LED and create new technology for LED lighting. With our efforts, we believe the company will make great contributions to the development of global optoelectronics technology and energy-saving projects of semiconductor lighting in China.

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