Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary Potential for Tourism

Keo Seima wildlife sanctuary of North-eastern Mondulkiri province has been seen by expert as a potential tourist attraction, according to local media report.

The observation was shared by a wildlife and plant research team leader of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Mr. Suot Van Doen who has been working in the area for about ten years.

The potential, he added, will be very high once the sanctuary becomes a national park of Cambodia in a near future.

Connecting Mondulkiri province to Kratie province, Keo Seima wildlife sanctuary has 10 attractive waterfalls, let alone tons of wild plants and animals.

For 2017 alone, almost 300 tourists have been officially recorded having visited the sanctuary that covers more than 200 hectares of land.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press