Kep and Pursat Cities Selected for ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities Award

Cambodia's Kep and Pursat cities have been nominated for the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities (ESC) Award, which serves as an incentive for cities in ASEAN to promote environmentally sustainable practices.

The selection was made during the 15th Meeting of ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities held in Siem Reap province recently.

The award ceremony will take place in Brunei in September this year, said Mr. Van Monineath, Deputy Secretary General of the National Council for Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Environment.

Mr. Van Monineath laid stress on the Royal Government of Cambodia's efforts to make other cities environmentally sustainable, pointing out that the Ministry of Environment has delegated the solid waste management to sub-national level. The liquid waste management will be also handed over to sub-national level in the future, he added.

Moreover, Cambodia will strengthen and expand the protected areas such as national parks to make her provinces and cities green, underlined Mr. Van Monineath.

The cities receiving the Award are selected based on their respective national criteria for environmentally sustainable cities, while the cities receiving the Certificates of Recognition are selected based on a competitive basis using the ASEAN Key Indicators for Clean Air, Clean Land, and Clean Water, in the categories of small cities (with a population of 20,000 � 750,000 people) and big cities (with 750,000 � 1.5 million people).

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press