Khmer Transliteration Font Converter Being Developed

Royal Academy of Cambodia is working on Khmer transliteration font converter app � a move that will simplify the learning of the Kingdom into the past.

H.E. Dr. Yang Poeu, Secretary-General of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, chaired a dissemination of the on-going endeavour recently here in Phnom Penh.

The app, once ready, will not only ease the study and research about Khmer ancient philosophy, but also fit the information with modern electronic devices for broader sharing � the secretary general told AKP following the workshop.

There are abundant information and knowledge about political and social leadership as well as other philosophies during the ancient times of Cambodia written in transliteration fonts, not understood by many.

The app, added H.E. Dr. Yang Poeu, will help electronically convert those wordings into today's typography allowing better understanding of those interested in the field.

The Royal Academy is expected that the first phase of the work to develop transliteration software will be completed within the next two or three months.

In the second phase, the software will be adapted as online app and as planned the effort will be finalised and ready for use with various electrical devices by 2021.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press