Kuala Lumpur Gallery Hosts ‘Colours for Gaza’ Exhibition to Support Palestinian Aid

KUALA LUMPUR — In a display of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the ‘Colours for Gaza’ art exhibition has been organized by Galeri Puteh Art Management and will take place at Galeri Puteh located in KL Eco City Mall from November 14 to 21.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, Mohd Nizam Rahmat, the inaugural exhibition is not only designed to raise funds for humanitarian aid but also aims to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people amid the ongoing conflict with the Israeli regime. The event seeks to leverage the power of art to foster community awareness and dialogue about the suffering caused by the conflict.

Mohd Nizam explained that the exhibition would feature over 50 artists from across Malaysia, including painters, poets, and performing artists. He emphasized the role of artists in shaping public perception and emotions, noting that each artwork expresses a message and reflects the group’s commitment to humanitarian efforts in Palestine.

He further stated that 40 percent of the revenue generated from artwork sales and sponsorships will be donated to a Palestinian aid fund. This fund will collaborate with yet-to-be-named legitimate humanitarian organizations to ensure that the contributions reach the intended recipients.

Highlighting the urgency of the cause, Mohd Nizam mentioned the goal to raise RM100,000 and called for robust support from various sectors to realize this objective. The short timeframe for planning the event underscores the need for immediate action to alleviate the hardships faced by Palestinians.

The public can obtain additional details regarding the ‘Colours for Gaza’ Art Exhibition by visiting the social media pages of Galeri Puteh on Instagram and Facebook.