Let’s explore few best smartphones of 2016 and how they are going to inspire you

Smartphone’s, an immense need in your daily life

It is fact that once you get addicted to keep changing your Smartphone, so that makes you come across latest much exciting smart phones, and it is the fact that once a person gets addicted to keep trying latest smart phones so he/she cannot get it over with and this article for those kind of people, so if you are fond of trying latest smart phones, so following are the few ones and we are sure that they will ignite your interest more and you will not be able to stop yourself to buy any one of them.

• Google Nexus 5X

According to many people looks are not everything, as Google’s 2015 Nexus 5X ably reveals and as this Nexus 5X, has been made by L.G, the Nexus 5X is something like a frumpy, having a plastic-clad lump as if you compared to its glass and metal competitors, but one thing is much sure that it has all the features which you can expect from any high-end phone and the price of this Google Nexus 5X, is also the reason, people are getting attracted to it. So you can say that with a less price you are about to have a Smartphone that can get you all the great features, which any expensive Smartphone has. It consists of 5.2 inch full H.D screen which is bright and it is also color accurate, and that makes the look of images much natural and integrated with a pixel-perfect camera that happens to snap 12 megapixel photos and 4K video and locks onto subjects much more quickly with its one of the remarkable laser-targeted autofocus, the Nexus 5X is the right Smartphone to use.

• Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S 7, so it is the most advanced and capable Smartphone that is available in the market and it is being appreciated a lot by people and the distinctive attributes of this Smartphone, are its highly effective and advanced camera and well polished design that no any other Smartphone can match. Samsung’s 5.1 in Super AMOLED screen is being seen to be simply divine and you may also set the Galaxy S.7 to display the time and basic notifications all the time and that does not affect the battery life.

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It is another remarkable Smartphone of 2016 so far and although you many never name it as the Smartphone consisting of a huge upgrade on the last year’s model, but that does not that it cannot inspire you or compel you to buy it as it has improvements all round such as a better camera, much bigger screen, better edge screen functions, and the most important attribute the return of the really missed MicroSD slot. That is not all as it also consists of attributes such as superb battery life and ability of not being damaged by any sort of weather and according to many I.T experts it happens to be the enough update in order to keep Samsung stay ahead of other smart phones in the Mobile world.