Local Airline Partners Boost Domestic Passenger Growth Across all Three Airports

This June saw overall passenger rates up by nearly 25% from last year, thanks the local airline partners, according to a news release of the Cambodia Airports.

Phnom Penh International Airport continues to welcome ever-increasing rates of passengers, with nearly a half million people traveling through the capital in June alone. The airport experienced a 25% boost in domestic travelers this past month, thanks to the strong performance of local airline partners Lanmei Airlines, JC Airlines and Cambodia Airways, whose year-on-year passenger rates through Phnom Penh have increased by 260%, 131%, and 61%, respectively.

While Siem Reap saw an overall decrease in traffic, with -7.8% fewer passengers this June compared to last, its domestic tourism rates increased by 12%, in part encouraged by Lanmei Airlines’ 287% year-on-year increase in passengers to the city.

Sihanoukville has, once again, proven to grow the most compared to last year, with an overall passenger increase of 386% this June. While the city did welcome a 150% boost in domestic tourists, again driven by local airlines’ performance, the city’s airport was the only one of Cambodia’s three airports to see greater growth among its international than its domestic passengers � welcoming an astonishing 453% increase compared to June 2018.

According to the Cambodia Airports, the traffic trends will continue to take advantage of some more new flights to China, Thailand.

Three carriers have launched a total of four new seasonal routes in preparation for the upcoming months. Chinese carrier Qingdao Airlines is now flying direct between Sihanoukville and Zhanjiang; Lanmei Airlines has begun flights between Sihanoukville and Shenyang; and JC International Airlines has announced new services between Siem Reap and Jinghong as well as between Phnom Penh and Macau.

Starting on June 25, Spring Airlines began offering a new service from the capital to the Chinese city of Shenyang via Shantou. Days later, on July 1, Thai AirAsia celebrated its maiden flight between Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport and the seaside city of Sihanoukville. As more flights launch to international destinations, Cambodia continues to increase its connectivity with the region and the world.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press