Lucrative Mobile Beekeeping Business

Mobile beekeeping has been proved to be a lucrative business, according to local media report, following an exclusive interview with a successful beekeeper.

A resident in Koh Sotin commune and district of Kampong Cham province, Mr. Va Channa can now produce about 500 litres of honey per harvest (every two weeks), from 100 litres four years ago.

Well trained for the business, the beekeeper can earn between 60,000 and 120,000 Riel (roughly from US$15 to 30) from just selling a litre of honey.

It is important to make the beekeeping business mobile, especially bringing bee hives closest to plants with more nectar during their most productive period � explained Mr. Channa.

He continued that regular replacement of king bees at each of the bee hives and protection of bees from particular insects are also critical in ensuring the quality and quantity of honey produced.

Besides keeping bees, Mr. Channa also offers training on the business to those interested free of charge; trainees only have to purchase the beehive he builds to start the work.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press