Malaysia Can Tame Singapore – Dugro

KUALA LUMPUR, May 13 (Bernama) – Rugby star K. Dineshvaran is confident that Malaysia can beat Singapore in their final Division 1 match of the Asian Rugby Championship (ARC) 2016, here tomorrow.

The player better known as Dugro said Malaysia, who won promotion to Division 1 two years ago, are stronger compared to the other teams.

“We only lack experience and this cost us the first match againt the Philippines. A win over Singapore will make us champions.

“They (Singapore) were smashed by Sri Lanka while we (Malaysia) smashed Sri Lanka. So, we have a chance and miracle happens. This time, we have a proper team with proper players playing very good matches.

“I am happy with the performance against Sri Lanka. If we play the same way against Singapore, a win is not a big problem,” said Dugro, who played professional rugby with Jubilo Yamaha in Japan.

Malaysia are leading the tournament with six points together with the Philippines after beating Sri Lanka 42-17.

Coach Lee Nyuk Fah said Malaysia’s big win over Sri Lanka and Singapore’s shock win over the Philippines opened up the Asian second tier rugby tournament.

“Singapore are strong in the scrum, so will work on it,” he added.

Three points are given for a win, two points for a draw, one bonus point for over four try and one bonus point for wins with difference of over seven goals.

Malaysia are top followed by the Philippines, Sri Lanka with five points while Singapore are bottom with four points.

The final round matches tomorrow see Malaysia take on Singapore while the Philippines will play Sri Lanka.