Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Launches Educational Anti-Corruption Digital Game

Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has launched an innovative educational mobile game, the Malaysian AntiCorruption Commission Augmented Reality (MACC AR), According to BARNAMA News Agency, aimed at bolstering public support in the fight against corruption. Nazli Rasyid Sulong, the community education division director of MACC, stated in a press release that the digital game is designed to educate and engage the public, particularly students, in understanding the role of MACC and the perils of corruption.

The game, conceptualized by MACC chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki, is developed to be user-friendly and informative, making it an effective teaching tool in schools. Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the game enables the display of animations, videos, and images as visuals in the real world through smart gadgets. This approach allows students to grasp the anti-corruption message more effectively, regardless of their location.

Nazli highlighted that AR technology, a core component of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, facilitates content delivery to users through engaging audio and visuals, enhancing the learning experience. The MACC AR app is available for free on various platforms, including the GAMMA platform, Google Play, App Store, and AppGallery. This initiative represents MACC’s commitment to leveraging technology for educational purposes and to foster a deeper understanding and proactive stance against corruption among the Malaysian public.