Mango Export to EU May Double Next Year

The export of Cambodia's fresh mangoes to the EU markets would see a double increase next year, according to Mong Reththy Group.

For the 2017-2018 period, about 500 tons of Cambodia's mangoes were ordered for the EU market, said Okhna Mong Reththy, Founder and President of Mong Reththy Group.

The agreement for new order was signed during Okhna Mong Reththy's visit in France and Hungary last week.

Cambodia exported nearly 300 tons of fresh mangoes to the EU for 2016-2017, he pointed out. This new order will help mango farmers.

Okhna Mong Reththy also called on farmers to plant mangoes following the requirements of the buyers over food safety and quality standard.

If we follow what they [buyers] require in terms of quality standard and food safety, without excessive chemical use, buyers will buy more from us, he said.

Mongo is a sub-agro product that Cambodian farmers sell informally to neighboring countries � Vietnam and Thailand � with offered low prices.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press