Mekong River’s Dolphins Increase Eleven More in 2016

Mekong River’s dolphins in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces delivered 11 babies in 2016, according to local media report.

As cited in the source, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) official Mr. Un Chakrei said that the number added up to the current 80 adult dolphins in the river.

Despite the delivery of 11 baby dolphins, he added, six adult dolphins died in the same year – decreasing the animal’s population, compared to the previous year, 2015.

Climate change and illegal fishing practices are key threats to the existence of Cambodia’s fresh water dolphins.

The Royal Government of Cambodia along with the provincial authority in collaboration with development counterparts, like WWF, is working hard to address the threats – including awareness building among the locals in fishing communities for the conservation and development of Mekong’s dolphin and biodiversity.

Mekong’s fresh water dolphins do not only represent rare species in the river, but also contribute essentially to tourism in Cambodia.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press