Melaka: Ziarah SWM Kasih Deepavali Program Brings Support to Needy Families

In Melaka, the Ziarah SWM Kasih Cahaya Deepavali programme brought much-needed support to families in need, including 56-year-old chronic kidney patient C. Armadass. For the past three years, Armadass, who is bedridden and unable to work due to his health conditions, has been preparing modestly for Deepavali celebrations with his family.

According to BERNAMA News Agency, he has been coping with multiple health issues, including vision problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, alongside his kidney disease, which necessitates dialysis three times a week. This condition was diagnosed following an accident on his way home from work. His care is primarily provided by his wife and sister, C. Jayanthi, a 53-year-old nurse at a private hospital. Despite the financial challenges, Jayanthi has been supporting Armadass and his unemployed wife, helping them manage family expenses.

Armadass shared the family’s financial struggles, noting the monthly expenses of RM450 for essentials and RM150 per dialysis session. Last Deepavali, the family relied on their limited resources for food and clothing, expressing gratitude for the donations received this time, which have eased their burden.

The donations were presented to Armadass by Datuk Rais Yasin, the state Housing, Local Government, Drainage, Climate Change and Disaster Management Committee chairman, as part of the Ziarah SWM Kasih Cahaya Deepavali programme. Mohd Norlisam Mohd Nordin, the corporate general manager of SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (SWM Environment), was also in attendance.

Another beneficiary, 74-year-old K. Kamachee, a single mother living alone in Solok Sim Fatt Paya Rumput, expressed her happiness at receiving the contribution for the first time, which enabled her to purchase essential daily necessities.

Mohd Norlisam elaborated on the initiative, stating that the corporate social responsibility effort by SWM benefitted four selected recipients. The programme aims to support members of the Indian community in need, allowing them to celebrate Deepavali with greater joy. The donations included personal care items, food, and a wheelchair, with the hope that these contributions would enhance the Festival of Lights celebration for the recipients.