March 24, 2023

MFA-IC Reacts Against The Phnom Penh Post’s Article on Migrant Workers

Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA-IC) has issued a press release in reaction to an article of the Phnom Penh Post on migrant worker protections, calling it a groundless article.

In the article entitled Migrant worker protections lacking, reports find published in the Phnom Penh Post on July 25, 2017, the reporter has quoted the Mekong Migration Network’s (MMN) report as saying [Migrants] reported to MMN that when they have approached embassies for help, they were not given assistance, recalled the press release dated July 26.

At the instruction of the MFA-IC, it underlined, the Cambodian Embassies/Consulate-Generals have provided all necessary assistance to the Cambodian citizens/workers in their countries of residence and considered it one among their priorities despite facing many difficulties.

The MFA-IC has usually informed the public and the media about many concrete cases of the assistance provided by the Cambodian Missions abroad to the Cambodian citizens/workers, it pointed out, adding that the Ministry has recently made known the fruitful results of the efforts carried out by the Ministry and the Cambodian Missions during the first semester of 2017.

Therefore, said the press release, the allegation when the [Cambodian workers] have approached embassies for help, they were not given assistance, as a matter of fact, has no ground to stand on.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press