Ministry of Commerce Organises an Exhibition in Kampong Cham Province to Promote Local Products

The Ministry of Commerce and its partners have been organising a four-day Buy Cambodian Products Exhibition in Kampong Cham province, some 120 kilometres north of Phnom Penh capital, to promote local products.

The opening ceremony was held on June 23 under the presidency of H.E. Pan Sorasak, Minister of Commerce.

H.E. Pan Sorasak said this important national commercial event is aimed at promoting local products and providing knowledge to local producers to improve their products’ quality, hygiene and safety so as to increase competitiveness.

“The success of this event will help Cambodia create good business environment that improves local commerce; increase production capacity and maximize value-added on local products; create new products that meet local demand and promote the exportation of those products as well as reduce import; diversify new products that can compete in national, regional and global markets; and create new jobs, increase income, help against worker migration and contribute to poverty reduction,” he underlined.

According to H.E. Minister, Cambodia’s economy has an outstanding growth rate of 7 percent over the past two decades. For 2016, the economy is forecast to achieve the same rate.

Source: AKP