September 27, 2022

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Releases a Document to Tell the Truth about Cambodia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has recently released a document entitled Cambodia, Stability and Development First, To Tell the Truth.

This dozen-page document in three languages � Khmer, English and French � can be downloaded at the ministry's website ( It highlights Cambodia's prioritised need for stability and development.

This paper tries to put into perspective the great difficulties that Cambodia has to put up to maintain peace and advance its development in the face of constant foreign interferences that inflexibly insist on changes towards a 'pure and perfect democracy' that exists only in theory. It aims to present factual truth on recent political development of the country in sharp contrast to baseless accusations and insinuations by foreign entities and politicians who are totally indifferent of the fallouts of their actions, it says.

This important document looks at the Conflict between real development and sophisticated democracy, Obstacles to political stability, Infringement of Cambodia's independence and sovereignty and ceaseless attempts for regime change cloaked under the Democracy and Human Rights rhetoric, Undemocratic when it does not suit your agenda, the blatant disregard of the legitimacy of the past five general elections, and Protecting Cambodia's Ultimate Core Interests of Peace, Stability, Growth, and Prosperity: Cambodia's achievements about basic human rights the Cambodian Way.

In defence of Democracy: The Duty of any Sovereign Nation, the arrest of Kem Sokha for his involvement in regime change colour revolution attempt: One Same Objective, Two Subjective Standards, and Credibility of general election 2018 and the future of pluralistic democracy in Cambodia were also touched upon.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press