Ministry of Mines and Energy Releases Sand Export Data

Cambodia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy released here yesterday the data of sand export in clarification to the report of the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade).

Recently, UN Comtrade issued a controversial report on Cambodia’s sand export, leading to a summons of H.E. Suy Sem, Minister of Mines and Energy by the National Assembly’s Anti-corruption Commission.

The ministry’s official data shows that from 2007-2015, Cambodia exported about 10,112,290 cubic metres or 16,179,664 tons of sand to Singapore, generating some US$2,576,255 as national income.

During the same period, it added, the ministry granted sand export licenses to 48 companies, of which only 26 companies operated.

According to its press release, the Ministry of Mines and Energy is not the sand seller or is responsible of sand sales. Its competence is to collect national income from mine resources.

The figure in UN Comtrade report is the trade data, it does not represent the national income of any state, said the press release, stressing that the gap between figures of the UN Comtrade and national income is normal for every country and every goods. UN Comtrade itself has announced to acknowledge this gap and called for attention to the use of its figures.

Those who use the UN Comtrade’s figures to claim the loss of national income have no knowledge on trade data or intend to mislead the public opinion, underlined the same source.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press