Ministry of Public Works and Transports Fines 86 Overloaded Trucks

During its six days of operation, the Secretariat of Permanence Axle Overload Control Committee, Ministry of Public Works and Transports (MPWT) seized 86 overloaded trucks in 14 Truck Controlling Stations throughout the country.

According to a news release of MPWT, those overload trucks were fined with 168,587,000 Riel (Cambodian currency roughly US$42,000) in total.

Of the total overloaded trucks, 31 were seized and fined at a station in Kampong Thom, the central province while 27 others in Stung Treng, a northeastern province.

The operation was performed upon the instructions of the ministry to advocate and urge the transportation companies to respect the traffic laws in order to maintain safe conditions for the public roads and reduce traffic accidents.


Source: AKP