MoE: Cambodia Needs Power Plant

The construction of Sesan 2 hydropower plant in Stung Treng province will further enhance Cambodia’s economic foundation, according to the Minister of Environment H.E. Say Sam Al.

The minister was cited in the ministry’s facebook page after his visit yesterday to see the progressing work of the hydropower plant construction.

While highlighting the advantage of the development, H.E. Say Sam Al acknowledged its implications.

“Of course, the construction of hydropower plant affects a part of local livelihood. But Cambodia badly needs facility to ensure its strong economic basis, national security and sufficient power supply to the people,” said the ministry as quoted in the source.

H.E. Say Sam Al requested to the construction company of the power plant to consider providing electrical power to nearby locals to process their agricultural product – a contribution to promote their livelihood.

As investing in the power plant, the Royal Government of Cambodia also introduces conservation mechanisms of the forest and wildlife in the area to ensure effective natural resource management for sustainable livelihood.

Source: AKP