MoI Issues Counterstatement Against HRW Official

AKP Phnom Penh, Ministry of Interior has recently issued a counterstatement against a destructive criticism by Mr. Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division, on Cambodia’s amendment of Political Party Law.

In his interview on Mar. 29 with the Radio Free Asia, the Human Rights Watch’s official groundlessly described the modification as a persecution of the opposition party, Cambodia National Rescue Party.

Ministry of Interior, in the statement, considered the view of Mr. Phil Robertson as an ill exaggeration without legal basis and severe interference of Cambodia’s internal affairs.

The criticism also came as an insult of the Royal Government of Cambodia who has been working hard to promote the process of multi-party democracy and rule of law in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s amendment of Political Party Law early this year intends to ensure complete legitimacy and cleanness as role model among political parties running for the elections in the country.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press