MoLVT Meets with Association of Three-Wheeled Motorised Vehicle Drivers

Minister of Labour and Vocational and Training H.E. Ith Samheng has recently met with an association of drivers of three-wheeled motorised vehicles to learn about their welfare and share some updates with them.

Organised by the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia at the National Olympic Stadium here in Phnom Penh, some 500 transporters participated in the event.

H.E. Ith Sam Heng considered the job as an indispensable service for both ordinary travellers and tourists in the country, comparable to a blood vessel.

The Royal Government of Cambodia through the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has been working hard to introduce laws and regulations to protect the rights of workers and promote investments in order to secure household incomes.

The government also provided technical vocational skills, created domestic and overseas job opportunities, and enabled social security, job safety and health insurances.

The group of three-wheeled motorised vehicle drivers, he added, is an informal economic association that can be entitled to the benefits similar to garment factory workers and civil servants.

The minister encouraged the association of transporters to continue helping each other cooperating well with the local authorities, and expanding its membership so that more of their peers can enjoy the benefits.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press