More Rare Animals Spotted

Wild gecko and rare birds have been spotted in national park and conservation area of Cambodia, according to recent posts on Ministry of Environment's official Facebook page.

One wild gecko, 30 centimetres long, technically called Ptychozoon trinotaterra was found in Virak Chey National Park in the northeast � stretching from Rattanakiri to Stung Treng province on over 3,000 square kilometres.

Ptychozoon trinotaterra, as explained by online Wikipedia, is known as flying geckos, characterised by cryptic coloration and elaborate webs surrounding the neck, limbs, trunk, and tail. These membranes help to conceal the gecko against trees. Using flaps to generate lift and control its fall, the reptile can fly up to 60 metres.

Meanwhile, at another natural conservation area Boeung Lapov in Takeo province, 40 species of 3,314 birds, including the rare ones, have been identified.

The discovery was made through bird census in the areas by expert at the Provincial Department of Environment and concerned local authorities.

Based on the Open Development Cambodia, the country has almost twenty national parks and wildlife conservation areas, including Virak Chey and Boeung Lapov; and noticeable number of rare and world endangered animals have been found there.

Along with the hard work of the Royal Government of Cambodia in the conservation activities, Ministry of Environment called for support from local communities to contribute to the work.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press