More Tourists to Protected Forests Seen as Efficient Conservation

More visitors to natural tourist sites have been seen as an effective factor that drives the preservation and sustainable management of the resources.

When there are many visitors going to conservation areas and community forests, explained Minister of Environment H.E. Say Samal, the locals can make incomes by supplying food and accommodation, serving as guides, as well as offering other services. So, they will work harder to protect and expand the resources.

H.E. Say Samal shared the insight after leading his working group for days of visits recently to conservation areas in the north and the northwest of Cambodia.

The minister added that this is a true transformation of lives of people at the communities and an efficient approach to sustainably preserve the natural resources well aligned with the commitment of Royal Government of Cambodia.

Figures show that Cambodia currently has about 7.5 million hectares of protected areas, comprising of 150 community forests and 46 conservation sites.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press