MOWRAM Minister Encourages Thorough Work Review of Tonle Sap Authority

Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology has requested the General Secretariat of Tonle Sap Authority to thoroughly examine their strengths and weaknesses, and learn from past experience to better their service.

As said in a news release of the Ministry of Water Resources and Metrology (MOWRAM), the minister H.E. Lim Kean Hor, encouraged the exercise when presiding over the authority's semester review and planning at the ministry office here in Phnom Penh yesterday.

H.E. Lim Kean Hor took the opportunity to express his appreciation and thanked the General Secretariat of Tonle Sap Authority and relevant stakeholders for their hard work and good cooperation.

Toward the second half of the year, the minister recalled core duties of the authority in conducting research and facilitating more effective management, conservation and development of Tonle Sap zone.

The commitment, he underlined, is vital to ensure sustainable benefits from Tonle Sap Lake and priceless national resources of Cambodia for the people and the country.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press