Muscat Festival seeks to bring all events in one location

Muscat Festival officials hope to bring together all events to one location in the future, while Muscat Municipality is working to find a single location to host the festival , a reliable source at Muscat Municipality revealed to Times of Oman.

“The Muscat Municipality is working now with other authorities to allocate an area for Muscat Festival. However, Muscat Festival 2017 will be held, as usual, in Naseem Park, Amerat Park, the Oman Automobile Association, Al Madina Theatre, the Cultural Club and several other sites,” said the source. He explained that such a move will make it easier for visitors to come to one location to attend all festival events.

“Such a location will provide all services and facilities for visitors, making it easier for the Muscat Festival to concentrate in one location. The municipality hopes to provide a huge area for parking which will, in turn, reduce traffic congestion. Bringing all events to one place will also enable the Muscat Festival committee to better monitor the events and their organisers.

Meanwhile, Muscat Municipality has announced new regulations to be followed for Muscat Festival 2017, which will take place from January 19 to February 11, 2017. At the last festival, a jungle village equipped with light and sound effects was opened in Naseem Park. The exhibit included replicas of trees and plants found in jungles. The 16th Muscat Festival, which was held under the banner of “E’sh Oman” (Live Oman), hosted participants from several Arab and international countries at several locations.

The 16th festival also offered a variety of activities and entertainment that appeal to the different interests and tastes in the community, such as a cultural village, a dinosaur village, an Omani fashion show and the 6th Oman triathlon.

Music concerts featuring prominent Omani artists, as well as children’s plays, were performed for the public. The festival also included folklore performances from India, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Philippines.

Muscat Municipality has invited companies and institutions to host new events for the next Muscat Festival in Al Naseem and Al Amerat Public Parks, the announcement said, specifying that interested companies need to submit proposals to Muscat Festival Department at Muscat Municipality.

The announcement stated that proposed events need to focus on being interesting and of a high quality, and operate from 4:30 pm until 11 pm during workdays, and until 12 am on weekends.

The municipality also stated in the announcement that interested companies need to provide a general description of their events, along with detailed information about the financial status of their company.

The announcement said that August 31, 2016 will be the deadline to submit proposals from companies seeking to participate.

Source: Times of Oman