NBC To Further Promote National Currency

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) will continue to further promote the use of Riel, the national currency, under the guidelines of the Financial Sector Development Strategy 2016-2025, said H.E. Chea Chanto, Governor of NBC.

NBC has been proactive in promoting the use of Riel by introducing appropriate measures and policies such as increasing the awareness of the public about the importance of the use of local currency, reducing the transaction costs of payments in Riel, developing instruments and operations of liquidity provision in Riel, and requiring banking and financial institutions to provide loans in Riel on a gradual basis, he underlined.

Riel is the national currency, but some foreign currencies, especially U.S. dollar, are also acceptable in nationwide commercial sector.

Riel is currently stable against U.S. dollar at the average price of US$1= 4,000-4,100 Riel.

According to the foreign exchange rates against the Riel released today by NBC, US$1 is equal to 4,094 Riel.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press