New Mekong River Dolphin Born

A newly born calf of Irrawaddy dolphin, most well known as Mekong dolphin, was recorded for the first time in early this year, according to a press release from WWF-Cambodia.

Now WWF-Cambodia is calling for name What name should we give to this newly born Irrawaddy dolphin calf?

On Jan. 27, 2019, a group of dolphin-watching tourist-boat operators encountered a newly born Irrawaddy dolphin calf in Kampi dolphin pool located in Kampi village, Sambok commune, Chetra Borey district, Kratie province, and reported the news to Mr. Srey Sitha, a tourism police officer based at Kampi resort. Then, Mr. Sitha forwarded the news to WWF-Cambodia team based in Kratie province.

To check and verify this good news, in the morning of Jan. 28, WWF-Cambodia’s Kratie team went to monitor and looked for the reportedly new born dolphin calf, and luckily they got to see the dolphin calf. Then, the team took photos and videos of the dolphin calf and its elder companies as well as performing a direct monitoring of the dolphins.

Based on the first-hand monitoring, the newly born dolphin calf was among other six matured dolphins, and it was the first calf to be recorded in this January 2019.

The new calf reflects positive result of joint efforts in conserving the Irrawaddy dolphin between WWF-Cambodia and conservation partners such as the Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, fisheries communities, tourism agencies, authorities at provincial, district, and commune level, and many other partners.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press