August 9, 2022

Nine Websites and URLs Blocked for Posting Child Pornography Images and Videos

The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) in cooperation with Cambodia National Council for Children (CNCC) has blocked nine websites and URLs upon finding out that those websites/URLs have posted child pornography images and videos in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

According to a press release of TRC issued this afternoon, the nine websites and URLs are,,,,,,,, and

TRC will continue to cooperate with CNCC, relevant authorities, and all telecommunications operators to eliminate all websites and URLs posting child pornography images and videos which encourage and induces prostitution businesses and human trafficking that cases victims to suffer physically and emotionally as well as adversely affect the public order and national dignity, it underlined.

“TRC would like to request the public to report to TRC, through number 6789 during working hours or through our Facebook page ‘និយ័តករទូរគមនាគមន៍កម្ពុជា-Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia’ any websites and URLs posting child pornography images and videos. TRC will keep confidential of all information reported,” said the press release.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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