Not yet in America..!

HILLARY Clinton stood at the gates of the Whitehouse, luggage in hand, but as she tried to enter, sirens went off, secret service agents appeared and guards refused to open the gates.

"You cannot enter ma'am!" "Why?" "Because you be woman ma'am!" "I come as President!" "You can't ma'am!" "Why?" "Because you be woman ma'am!" "But that man Barrack!" "Yes ma'am!" "He's a black!" "Blacks, they not women ma'am!" "And in Israel!" "Yes ma'am!"

"And in India, and Bangladesh and Pakistan, in the Philippines and even in Argentina, they have women leaders!" "Not in America ma'am!" "Women of America!" shouted Hillary Clinton as she stood at the gates of the White House, "Where in the world can you walk out of a marriage the day after you get married?"

"Only in America!" shouted the women. "Where else do men have to pay such fat alimonies for looking at your sister?" "Only in America!" "Where in the world do women have equal opportunities in every job?" "Only in America!" sang the women. "Where a woman can be boss?" "Only in America!" "Where she can make millions like a man?" "Only in America!" shouted the women happily.

"People of America!" screamed Hillary Clinton as she stood at the gates of the Whitehouse, "People of America may I enter?" "No!" shouted the guards. "No!" shouted the men. "No!" shouted the women. "Why not?" wept Hillary as she looked at the people of America, "Why not when the rest of the world would allow it?" "But not in America!" screamed the guards. "Not in America!" screamed the men. "Not yet in America..!" grinned Bill happily as he helped her put her luggage back in the car, winked at the lady guard and drove Hillary back home.

Source: Pakistan Observer