Olympic Games Rio 2016: Cambodia Starts First Game

Cambodia started her first event at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 yesterday with Pou Sovijjia in the Men’s 100 m freestyle swimming, said the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC)’s news release.

The competition was held at the Olympic Park Aquatic Center at 13:00 Brazil time which is about 11pm Cambodia time and Pou Souvijjia was in lane 7 of Heat 2 competing with seven others which includes Refugee Olympic team, ANIS Rami, Nicaragua’s MENA Miguel, Malta’s CHETCUTI Andrew, Sri Lanka’s ABEYSINGHE Matthew Duncan, Zimbabawe’s GUNN Sean Michael, and Mozambique’s MOGNE Igor, it indicated.

This is his first Olympic Games, said the news release, adding that Pou Sovijja started brightly and was in 4th place after in the first 20m, however at the turn for last stretch for after 50m, he dropped to 7th place which he held on to till the home stretch with 54.55 sec, about 0.64 seconds behind Refugee Olympic team, ANIS Rami, who finished 1st with 53.40 seconds.

Pou Sovijia said he was a little nervous going in there but then he pushed his hardest to get a good time and it was fine.

Cambodia’s next competition will be on Friday Aug. 12 when Hemthon Vitiny will compete in the Women’s 50m Freestyle, according to NOCC.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press