October 6, 2022

Op-ed: Nightmare Memories of the Killing Field Continue to Haunt Cambodia

May 20th, 1973 is the date on which the Khmer Rouge initiated forced collectivisation, followed exactly three years later by the start of mass killings of its own people on May 20, 1976, little more than a year after Pol Pot came to power.
That unforgettable tragedy led Cambodian survivors to launch the first ‘National Day of Hatred’ in 1984 in what was then known as the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK). Later it was known as the National Day of Remembrance, while others later called it the “Day of Tying Anger”, in literal English translation, or ‘The Day of Maintaining Rage’.
Mr. Minister Hun Sen was then a team leader of Khmer Rouge soldier defectors to Vietnam in June 1977, recalls: “20th May is the National Day of Remembrance”.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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