“Oud Oil” by Asia Plantation Capital star of the 2014 World Perfumery Congress

SINGAPORE, July 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — At one of the largest and most important events in the perfume industry — the World Perfumery Congress — a biannual event held this year in Deauville, France, the team from Asia Plantation Capital Distilleries and their fragrance partner Fragrance Du Bois stood out.

It was the mysterious and rare, pure Oud oil, produced on sustainable plantations owned and managed by Asia Plantation Capital, that put a spotlight on the brand. Oud oil has a near mythical status in the world of haute perfumery and fast-growing demand from the cosmetics industries.

“The latest production of Oud oils by Asia Plantation Capital Distilleries has been honed and refined over years of research and development to provide the fragrance industry with a natural sustainable Oud oil of a consistent quality and standard,” says veteran perfume industry expert Simon French. “Reaction from international perfumers at the show has been incredible. It’s clear the company’s new oil production techniques are paying off and producing an oil with a less animalic note and softer tones, which makes it much better to work with for perfumers and is also longer lasting.

Visitors to the company’s stand included leading companies in the fragrance industry and perfumers, as well as the biggest companies in the Oud market from the Middle East, rating the company’s oils of a much higher quality than what they have been offered in the market.

Also showcased were exquisite perfumes created by Fragrance Du Bois and its team of international perfumers where all perfumes were formulated using the 100% guaranteed pure oil to help showcase its diversity to other perfumers and fragrance houses. One of Du Bois’ finest fragrances Sahraa Oud, created by one of Du Bois’ perfumers, Francois Merle-Baudoin, was shortlisted in the top 10 fragrances by an independent perfume house at The Art and Olfaction Awards in Los Angeles recently.

This significant difference with the pure, natural Oud oil produced by Asia Plantation Capital is a result of working with the leading academics in the industry and industrial production line experts to develop the detailed “soil to oil program” which is at the core of Asia Plantation Capital’s sustainable agarwood plantations. Every stage of the process from initial plantation stock and land selection, to the inoculation techniques and end processing systems have been subjected to rigorous scientific analyses and review by the SKP team.

This product offers sustainable credentials and Asia Plantation Capital supplies all its Oud oil under its own trademarked brand “OuDubois”, simply translated as Oud of wood; this brand is now the company’s seal of authenticity. Each 1kg bottle is sealed at the source, and the age and planting date of the trees planted and when it is harvested is recorded, guaranteeing traceability on demand. Presently for every tree harvested, Asia Plantation Capital is currently planting at least 20 new trees as part of their sustainable agarwood plantation model to ensure the continuation of future sustainable supply. Additionally each oil comes with CITES certification guaranteeing the sustainability of the oil produced and ensuring it is legal, as well as IFRA certification by leading perfume and cosmetics company ABP Australia and independent University MSDS Analysis report.

Company spokesperson Mohammed Jaan said, “At the end of the show, the Asia Plantation Capital Distilleries team received over 140 serious trade buying enquiries from around the world, and with confirmed orders for the companies, the next 12 months of production is already in place. Getting your hands on any of this incredible oil is the only thing not guaranteed by us!”

About Asia Plantation Capital

Asia Plantation Capital is an owner and operator of a diverse range of commercial plantation and farming businesses across the Asia-Pacific region, and globally, part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group of associated companies. Their focus is on multicultural and diverse plantation projects geared to the domestic and commercial demands of the countries in which they operate. Working closely with and supporting local communities is an underlying core principle of the APC business, providing social and cultural support, as well as investment, to move these communities away from deforestation and illegal logging activities, previously seen as a main source of income in some regions of Asia. Established officially in 2008, although operating privately since 2002, the group now has plantation and agricultural projects on four continents with operational projects at various stages in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, The Gambia, North America and Europe.

Promoting the use of certified wood is the best way of preventing deforestation, protecting biodiversity and combatting poverty in the tropical rainforest regions. For the yachting sector, which strives for excellence and which is already involved in environmental efforts, this is also a way of ensuring that no wood from illegal logging is used.

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