March 24, 2023

Over 26,000 Tonnes of Kampot Freshwater and Saltwater Catches Recorded in 2022

Kampot province harvested 26,035 tonnes of freshwater and saltwater fisheries catches in 2022 for both domestic supply and export.

The update was shared by Mr. Sar Sorin, Director of Fisheries Administration, adding that of the number, about 6,000 tonnes were freshwater catches and 20,035 tonnes were saltwater catches.

In 2022, the province exported 806 tonnes of fisheries catches, of which 350 tonnes were processed and 456 tonnes were fresh.

The rising fish catches was driven by active participation of fishing community, especially in sea aquaculture, production of baby fishes, plantation of mangroves, and sea grass conservation.

Effective prevention of illegal fishing was also a key driver for the increase, he added.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press