PH products showcased in Indonesia

World-class Filipino apparel, food, and handwoven crafts are being showcased at the “Lifestyle Philippines” event today (June 10) in Jakarta, Indonesia, in an effort to boost trade between the Philippines and Indonesia, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will be showcasing Filipino retail brands at the “Lifestyle Philippines” event today, June 10, Indonesia.

Philippine Embassy Trade Representative Alma Argayoso said the Lifestyle Philippines event at Jakarta’s Shangri-La Hotel is a branding initiative led by the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Jakarta, which aims to promote Philippine-made products to the Indonesian market.

“This initiative hopes to increase trade with Indonesia, which in 2015 stood at $3.6 billion. The Philippines exported about $628.27million in goods and services to Indonesia, while Indonesia had $2.93 billion trade with its counterpart,” Argayoso said.

The Lifestyle Philippines event includes a fashion show that will feature Karimadon and Rusty Lopez, two popular brands in the Philippines that have begun to attract a following in Indonesia’s fashion market.

Aside from the two brands, other brands that will be featured are Plains and Prints and Cruzzini Barong Tagalog.

Barong Batik, a known fashion innovation for many diplomats and dignitaries, will also be exhibited at the event. It is a fusion of Philippine barong and Indonesian batik designs into one.

Apart from apparel, the event will feature potential Filipino food products for exports under the collective brand Flavor Philippines such as Goldilocks polvoron, Mama Sita’s sauces and mixes, Leslie’s snack products, Destileria Limtuaco’s spirits and liquors, and other artisanal food products such as dried fruits and nuts, jams and marmalade, bottled sardines, and chocolate dipped dried mangoes.

Handwoven crafts are also featured under the special section Woven Chic.
Indigenous textiles from the Philippines, traditional dresses, linens, and modern and traditional pieces of jewelry will also be displayed for Indonesian fashion-oriented consumers.

“The regional integration in Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) presents opportunities for Philippine companies to expand to Indonesia and other Asean markets, and we certainly would like to actively take part in supporting Philippine companies in their regional expansion,” Argayoso said.

“We look forward to making Filipino products more available in the Indonesian market, particularly since there are many Indonesians, having visited or studied in the Philippines, who look for our products,” he added.

The event will also highlight other Philippine products and services such as travel and tourism, educational services and pharmaceuticals. PH apparel, food, crafts showcase seen to boost trade with Indonesia.

Source: Manila Time