Photos of Cambodia Among Selected Entries of Pride of ASEAN Contest

Among 53 best photo entries for the on-going Pride of ASEAN photo contest organised by Thailand, three are about Cambodia.

Mr. Wannapong Surarochprajack, Executive Committee of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand who is part of the contest organising committee displayed and explained the strengths of the identified three Cambodia photos for AKP reporters visiting his office in Bangkok recently.

I have been to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom temples, I like them very much. But, the way these two photos captured the temples is amazing. It created a sense of pride of not only Cambodian, but also ASEAN peoples, said Mr. Wannapong when projecting the photos on a huge TV screen.

The third Cambodia photo is an extraordinary bird’s eye view of the unique seasonal bamboo bridge connecting Kampong Cham town with Koh Pen through the Mekong river � the river rich of food and bio-diversities passing through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos to Cambodia before then going to Vietnam.

The best photos selected are those that tell unified cultures and lifestyles of the ASEAN member countries and make us proud of our region, he continued.

According to Mr. Adul Tanthakosai, another Executive Committee of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, there were some 5,000 photos entries, and 53 best representing the ten ASEAN nations have been selected by a professional committee basing on both the technical and thematic aspects of the submitted photos.

The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST) is a well-known non-profit agency and was taken under the patronage of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand since 1961 � based on newly published photo book titled Through the Lens of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej given to AKP reporters.

Pride of ASEAN photo contest is made possible through the cooperation between Thai Government’s Public Relations Department (PRD) and the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand to coincide with the role of the Kingdom as the chair of ASEAN this year.

First of its kind, the Pride of ASEAN photo contest intends to promote the richness of ASEAN cultures and livelihood to the world and to further enhance collective pride of the peoples in the bloc.

The contest, as underlined by Mr. Wannapong who himself is a trained professional travel photographer with 20 years of experience, has attracted more than a million reach on social media, along with very active engagement and positive comments through various online platforms.

The contest opened for entries for the period of one month starting since mid-March, and photos of ASEAN taken by both professional and amateur Thai photographers within the last ten years are eligible for the challenge.

The top winner identified from the 53 photos selected will receive the cash of 80,000 Thai Baht [around US$2,598] following by 50,000 and 30,000 Thai Baht for the second and third place winners, along with various other recognition.

While the top three winners will be announced during the incoming ASEAN Summit this year, all the 53 selected photos � including the entries of Cambodia � will be used widely on social media platforms and at official exhibitions including during the summit, at sideline meetings and in high-class hotels.

Both Mr. Wannapong and Mr. Adul are optimistic that the next round of the Pride of ASEAN photo contest will engage photographers from all ASEAN countries as well as Cambodia, and they encouraged more entries from the Kingdom.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press