Police Cracks Down Over 3,000 Cases of Illicit Drugs In 2016

Police have cracked down on 3,275 cases of illicit drugs and arrested 7,153 people, of whom 663 are female, from November 2015 to November 2016, according to a report of the General Commissariat of National Police’s Anti-Drug Department.

Of the suspects, some 7,020 are Cambodians, 87 Vietnamese, 11 Nigerians, a Swedish, four Americans, two Koreans, 12 Chinese, three Thais, 8 Laotians, a Finn, an Australian, a Romanian, three Malaysians, a British, a South African and three Venezuelans, it pointed out.

The seized drugs included some 54,035.99 grammes of crystalline methamphetamine (ice), 23,185.9 grammes of Methamphetamine WY, 1,648.9 grammes of ecstasy, 14,004.66 grammes of cocaine, 1,069.59 grammes of ketamine, and so on, said the report.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press