Protection for Information Provider Earns Immense Buy-in

Journalism experts, experienced journalists and other relevant officials in assigned technical working group have thrown their insights about the sections to encourage and protect information provider in the drafted access to information bill.

The discussion was made possible under the lead of the Ministry of Information in its effort to promote participatory and meaningful buy-in from different stakeholders, including civil society organisations, for the development of the access to information law.

According to Information Undersecretary of State H.E. Meas Sophorn, the 16th meeting, unlike the previous sessions, looked comprehensively on how to safeguard information providers of media agencies and of government's institutions so that they can fulfill their duty productively for the benefit of the public as well as the country.

The technical working group, he added, also explored practical assessment procedure for them to base their decision on, particularly in relation to confidential or non-confidential piece.

The discussion on access to information law is the work in progress, and the exercise is expected to finish shortly.

In May 2014, the Ministry of Information and UNESCO reached an agreement on inclusive approach in drafting the bill, following by the formulation of a technical working group to carry on the process.

Existence of Access to Information Law is a commitment of the Royal Government of Cambodia to further boost foundation of democracy in the country.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press