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Public Welfare on the tip of the tongue — Joyoung to donate RMB 50 million over 10 years to improve the diets of children in disadvantaged areas

HANGZHOU,China, July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — To improve the nutrition and health of children in China’s rural areas, the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) has joined hands with Joyoung Co., Ltd in launching “Joyoung Hope Kitchen” (a public welfare project) with an objective of donating RMB 50 million over a 10-year period to build 1,000 kitchens in China’s disadvantaged rural areas. Over the past 4 years, more than 210,000 students have been benefiting from 442 “Joyoung Hope Kitchens” built in 19 provinces for schools in such disadvantaged areas. The Hope Kitchens have gone a long way in improving the condition of cafeterias and dining halls in rural schools, ensuring students a healthy, safe meal and well-balanced nutrition.

Volunteers and students are preparing a beverage

According to a report compiled from 2010 statistical data, the total number of students enrolled in schools during the grades that fall under China’s requirements for compulsory education (primary and junior-high schools) in rural China surpassed 70 million, among which more than 30 million are enrolled at boarding schools, and 75% of these schools are located in the poorer parts of middle and western China. School canteens with a lack of infrastructure and poorly-equipped sanitation systems, imbalanced nutrition, among other issues, are common problems confronting these boarding schools, and, as a result, the needs of growing teens cannot be met at these schools. The China Youth Development Foundation has comprehensively upgraded the Hope Kitchen Project in 2014 — apart from building the kitchens, the organization has additionally started providing training around food education.

A Food Education Program = Running a Hope Kitchen + Nutritional Health Lectures + Personal Diet Motivational Classes + Healthy Vegetable Garden Planting

During the first half of this year, 20 kitchens have been built in Fangzheng, Tangyuan and Huachuan counties and at other locales across Heilongjiang Province under the Joyoung Hope Kitchen Project. The project is also in partnership with Capital Healthcare and Nutrition Cuisine Society where the two organizations are jointly exploring the best ways to educate students from rural areas in terms of their diet with the support from the local education bureau. A model for food education is gradually taking shape and consists of the kitchen, a series of lectures on nutritional health, classes meant to motivate the student’s interest in improving their diet and a course on planting a healthy vegetable garden after being a sponsor of the Food Education Program = Running a Hope Kitchen + Nutritional Health Lectures + Personal Diet Motivational Classes + Healthy Vegetable Garden Planting series. Fifteen schools in Heilongjiang Province have taken the lead in adopting the pilot model, moving the Joyoung Hope Kitchen Project to a new milestone: building good kitchens and providing food education!

On July 12, a food education summer camp (an event which is part of the launch of “Food Education Project”), sponsored by China Youth Development Foundation’s Joyoung Hope Fund, kicked off at Yongjian School in Fangzheng County, Harbin, where the focus will be on nutrition and health lectures, personal diet motivational classes and Grow Healthily, a recently-released song about children’s health composed by the renowned musician Cui Shu and sung by Cui Zige. More than 30 students took part in the 5-day summer camp event with volunteer dieticians. At the same time the Food Education Program = Running a Hope Kitchen + Nutritional Health Lectures + Personal Diet Motivational Classes + Healthy Vegetable Garden Planting series has been well received by students and guests.

Products designed for easy application in public welfare projects improve student nutrition

Joyoung Co., Ltd, a food equipment maker that is celebrating its 20th year of operations this year, has joined hands with the China Youth Development Foundation to launch 3 models of soybean milk machines and electric cookers designed for easy application in public welfare projects. The 3 models are Joyoung’s most popular products. The products continue to fulfill the mission of Joyoung Hope Kitchen — allow teachers and student to have a clean, healthy and safe dining environment and motivate more and more people to develop a concern and an awareness around the diets of growing teens and the health problems that could result when food nutrition is ignored.

Joyoung vice president Han Run made a commitment on behalf of Joyoung that the food equipment maker will donate one extra Chinese yuan to Joyoung Hope Kitchen’s “Food Education” Project each time one of these three models are sold between June 20 and October 14, 2014, in a move to continue helping to improve students’ diets. Han Run said: “Joyoung Hope Kitchen Project had been in existence for four full years as of June 20, while Joyoung Co., Ltd will reach 20 years of age on October 14. We specifically selected the models designed for easy application in public welfare projects for promotional sale between these two special dates in a move to express the passion on the part of Joyoung employees for the cause of teen nutrition and, to take it a step further, the awareness of the entire of society when it comes to the healthy growth of our teens.”

President Wang Xuning distributing meals to students

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