Putrajaya Hosts Inaugural Wisma Putra Day to Demystify Malaysian Foreign Policies

PUTRAJAYA — Wisma Putra Day 2023, an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has successfully gathered public attention and participation, serving as a platform to elaborate on Malaysia’s foreign policy and the ministry’s roles.

According to BARNAMA News Agency, the event not only facilitated public engagement with cultural diplomacy but also strengthened ties with the international community, including foreign embassies in Malaysia. The minister highlighted the remarkable turnout at the ministry’s premises, with around 4,000 attendees by mid-morning and expectations of the number doubling by the afternoon.

Zambry emphasized the growing awareness and concern among Malaysians regarding global issues, such as the conflict in Gaza, underscoring the importance of such events in clarifying Malaysia’s stance and policies on these critical topics. He pointed out that active diplomacy is key to maintaining Malaysia’s significant role in addressing international crises.

The success of the day has prompted consideration of making Wisma Putra Day an annual event, providing a continuous opportunity for Malaysians and foreign residents to gain insights into the ministry’s contributions.

The program featured diverse cultural exchanges, including participation from Cambodia, the Maldives, Palestine, and Turkey. The Palestinian Ambassador to Malaysia, Walid Abu Ali, interacted with visitors at the embassy’s booth, which focused on raising awareness about the situation in Palestine, especially in Gaza.

Visitors had the opportunity to view cultural items and photographs that conveyed the stark realities in Gaza, including the impact of Israeli airstrikes and the tragic loss of lives, such as that of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and former USIM students.

The day also offered a taste of Malaysia’s rich culinary traditions with a ‘Malaysian breakfast culture’ promotion, alongside a showcase of cultural performances, films, animations, traditional games, sports diplomacy, and various exhibitions.

Adding to the event’s milestones, Zambry introduced the Wisma Putra Volunteer Program to foster community involvement among youth and inspire future careers in diplomacy. Furthermore, he unveiled new language initiatives, including the “Basic Malay Language Module for Foreign Speakers” and “Malay Language Course Module for Children,” to aid in language acquisition for the staff of local intakes and the children of Malaysian representatives overseas.