RELLECIGA Swimwear Luxury Summer Sale Night Wowed Fashion Industry in Great Britain

GLASGOW, Scotland, August 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RELLECIGA Swimwear Summer Sale Night was successfully held by RELLECIGA Swimwear UK and Noir La Rue ( on August 8 in Great Britain, which was another significant step for RELLECIGA to enter Great Britain’s market!

This highend fashion show rocked Great Britain from 7:30PM-10:00PM in Corinthian, a local grand fashion club. More than 100 guests from the fashion industry in Great Britain attended this event and had a great evening. “The fashion show is very amazing! We enjoyed the wonderful champagne reception, and RELLECIGA Swimwear Catwalk Show is fantastic! I can’t wait to collect all these awesome bikinis and take them to my vacation!” said one of the fashionistas attending the fashion show.

It is worth mentioning that super models in Great Britain worn RELLECIGA bikinis and heated up the evening with fantastic catwalk show. They highly recommended RELLECIGA Swimwear to fashion lovers. “I love RELLECIGA bikinis, especially RIKINI, it is so clever! The fashion show was amazing. I love wearing all your products there, they are so fabulous!” said one of them.

This luxury fashion show is another big day for RELLECIGA Swimwear. As a fashion brand from North America, RELLECIGA has won higher and higher recognition from European fashion world, the cradle of many famous fashion brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc. The accomplishment should be attributed to the efforts of RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute), which always devotes itself to developing fashionable, exquisite and sexy swimwear.

Now RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) will move on and realize its dream, that is, to design the sexiest bikinis to the sexiest women in the world!