Remains of Cambodians Killed During Khmer Rouge Time Registered and Preserved

The government is compiling a list and preserving remains of Cambodians killed during the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979) and compile a list of as reminder for younger generations.

The intention was shared recently by Mr. Voeun Vuthy, Head of Department of Archaeology and Prehistory Department at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

The evidence, he added, will improve the understanding of those undermining the spirit of the commemoration of the January 7 Victory Day.

Department of Archaeology has been tasked by the Royal Government of Cambodia to register, verify the remains of those killed during the period.

As of now, according to the department head, over 100,000 identities of remains have been listed and verified from nearly 200 mass graves across Cambodia.

High-tech conservation technique has been used by the team to ensure that the preserved remains last.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press