Road Pothole-Fixer Vehicles Given to Capital and Provinces

Ministry of Public Works and Transport has lately distributed 65 special three-wheeled motor vehicles to its line offices in the capital and provinces in order to fix potholes in their roads, according to local media report.

With the cost of around US$3,000 each, the three-wheeled motorised vehicle was especially designed to carry a maximum of three workers and equipped with road rehabilitation materials and equipment.

According to Mr. Nou Vatanak, Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s Spokesperson, the pothole-fixer vehicles are supported by a Chinese company.

The deployment of the vehicles, he added, have been proved to be more efficient – with less construction crew, faster and easily workable for both small and big roads.

This is another initiative by the Royal Government of Cambodia through the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to address issues of road potholes, which potentially do not only cause traffic congestion, but also accidents, particularly during the rainy season.

The number of the special three-wheeled motor vehicles received by each capital and province depends on the number of roads it has; and obviously Phnom Penh got most – 12 sets.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press