Rody orders politicos in drugs killed

Yet another threat has been issued by President Rody Duterte yesterday as he threatened narco-politicians he would have all of them killed as his administration continues its all-out war against illegal drugs.

In Davao City, in an interview with Davao media, he again said he will be naming mayors and police men as well as a congressman believed to be involved in the drug trade after his visits to military camps in Capiz and Cebu.

“You sons of whores. You didn’t even think what problems you have brought to the country,” he said, then praised himself, saying that “it’s a good thing that I am the President. I will really have you killed. You see what you did to the Philippines? And you expect me to forgive you?

“This is my order: To shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rignts. “Believe me. I dont give a shit what anybody says . This war is against drugs that has become a crisis,” he added.

“Do not say you are a governor or mayor. I will not hesitate to kill you…I really will have you killed. You sons of whores. You are in government, soldier and policemen, mayor. You will be killed first before the civilians,” Duterte warned.

Some 800 civilians have already been killed since Duterte became president.

“You’re using your position in government to enhance your pocket at the expense of the Filipino. That’s foolishness,” he said.

In the same breath, however, Duterte promised pardons and promotions for law enforcers in legal trouble, as he guaranteed protection and promotion to his law enforcers should they get into legal trouble, saying they should not worry as they are only performing their duty.

“In all the things that you do, upon the orders of your commanders in the performance of your duty, do it. Don’t be afraid.” he said.

The President also reiterated that he will take full responsibility if charges are slapped against arresting or officers who kill.

Sought for clarification, Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella told reporters yesterday that the President’s sudden mandate only reveals that Duterte is confident that the list of narco-politcians is highly reliable.

“The President’s statement on narco-politicians is congruent with government policy on maintaining and protecting peace and order in the nation,” Abella said in a text message.

Abella also noted that it is presumed that every pursuit operation against narcotics suspects is all dangerous and that neutralizing is the option to save arresting officers’ lives.

“(President Duterte) has given due and ample notice that the clear and present danger of drugs engulfing the nation will be addressed and law enforcers will neutralize those who resist or endanger the lives of arresting officers,” Abella added.

He insisted that there will be no “trial by publicity” from the President’s shame game.

As a matter of fact, Duterte said he is immune from suit which is why he is comfortable for him to curse anybody or even kill anybody.

List contains juidiciary,

media involved in drugs

In a chance interview with President Duterte’s top aide, Presidential Management Service head Christopher “Bong” Go told reporters on Wednesday that Duterte’s list does not include local executives alone but also members of the judiciary and the press.

As of press time, Duterte is yet name any narco-politicians in his list sensationalized list that is dubbed by Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo as “shocking” earlier this week as it was updated during their recent cabinet meeting at the Palace.

Rody has no fear of complaints

Duterte also said said he is not afraid to face complaints against him, saying it won’t matter.

“So I am jailed. So jail me. I am already 71 years old. The Revised Penal Code says if you hit 70, you have to be released. At 71, when I order people killed, you cannot arrest me since I have immunity. And I have this pardoning power. I will pardon those whom I order to kill. They can’t fight me,” he bragged.

Lanao Sur Mayor, ex town

chief surrender

An incumbent mayor and a former town chief in Lanao del Sur province yesterday voluntarily surrendered to Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa after learning they were included in President Duterte’s watch list of local government officials involved into illegal drugs.

Mayor Mamaulan Abenal Molok of Maguing town and former Marantao Mayor Muhammad Ali Abu Abenal were presented by Dela Rosa in a press conference at around 4:45 p.m. yesterday in Camp Crame.

“Apparently, they learned that they were in the watchlist of the President. They were among the 23 mayors included among those involved into illegal drug trade,” said Dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa said that the two would be subjected to custodial investigation by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) to determine whether they will be charged with criminal cases.

The chief PNP said that the duo initially admitted distributing illegal drugs in Quiapo, Manila, Caloocan and Cavite.

“They promised to fully cooperate with the investigation,” said Dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa said that the two operated under former Maguing Mayor Marimar Macabuat.

“Many more to come,” said Dela Rosa, referring to local officials who are expected to surrender.

According to Dela Rosa, there were three who were surrendering yesterday afternoon but “the other was caught by heavy traffic so maybe he will be here on Monday.”

Dela Rosa said that third was a town mayor in Maguindanao.

The two admitted getting involved in illegal drugs but only in the years 2000 to 2002.

They promised to support the Duterte administration all-out campaign against illegal drugs.

Solon seeks police probe

on killings

Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque yesterday added his voice to the growing dissent on the extrajudicial killings perpetrated against suspected drug pushers as he called for law enforcers to investigate the growing number of extrajudicial killings and prosecute the killers in the government’s ongoing campaign against illegal drugs.

“The government cannot stand idly by while unidentified gunmen ride as marauding parties in the streets, killing people with impunity. This gross negligence by the State is tantamount to supporting impunity and smacks of lack of public accountability,” Roque said, reiterating his privilege speech last Monday.

“It is the obligation of the State to investigate and prosecute the killings under international law. The State has a legal obligation to provide effective remedy to the victims and their families. Such remedy is denied them when the government stands idly by while killers roam the streets to kill at will,” he added.

Roque said while he supports the government’s war against drugs, he underscored it should not forget to respect and protect human rights and follow the due process of law.

“As a lawyer, President Duterte should know better than to sacrifice human rights in the pursuit of what he calls the end of crime,” he said.

The neophyte lawmaker called on law enforcement officials to investigate the killings, saying the government should not condone vigilantism.

“It is alarming that only three days since its last update, the media have tallied 59 additional deaths in its Kill List, now totaling 524. The number of deaths by vigilantes and unknown hitmen has also ballooned to more than 200,” he said.

“You kill someone without due process, you deprive him not just of his right to live, but of all of the other rights to which he is entitled,” Roque previously said in his privilege speech.

Roque, a practicing lawyer before he was elected into Congress, maintained all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

“Due process is enshrined in our Constitution. Section 1 Chapter II of the 1987 Constitution states that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied equal protection of the laws,” he said.

In his privilege speech, Roque said “the State is the primary domestic institution charged with the task of ensuring the promotion and protection of human rights.”

“States are the principal parties to human rights instruments as well as to international humanitarian law conventions, and are therefore the principal institutions charged with implementing them in their respective jurisdictions. Thus, the failure of the state to comply with its obligations under the same treaties is a breach of its obligations and engages its responsibility under international law,” he said.

“It is the institution of the State as a public legal community that plays a lead role in ensuring that the demands of public justice and the common good are best served within its jurisdiction,” he added.

“This is because the state’s law enforcement and prosecutorial arm for protecting and promoting public justice and the common good in the domestic legal order sets it apart from other societal institutions; only the state is the immediate institution in the domestic sphere entrusted with the legal duty – backed up with the force of arms – to protect and promote the Rule of Law,” said Roque.

Source: Daily Tribune